Tungsten Discs of Contacts



Introduction of Tungsten Electrical Contacts parts wholesale

With the continuous development of AC contactor contacts, cars, motorcycles, electric horns, magnetic motors and other electrical field, Tungsten discs, as part of the tungsten contact, requirements increased rapidly.

The requirements of the tungsten contact material are:


A. No crack, scratch, smooth surface;

B. Fine grain uniformity, short fiber;

C. Flatness, concentricity and roundness;

D. High hardness, good impact toughness;

E. Low evaporation rate, small thermal expansion coefficient, good arc resistance and stability.


Technical Knowledge


Tungsten, as materials to do electrical contact or contact, resistance to arc ablation; good resistance to melting; When surface evaporation caused by the electric heating , tungsten contact has advantage on less transfer and consumption. Tungsten contacts also has good blocking current capacity; and wear resistance, Performance. Compared to other metal or alloy materials, the tungsten contacts and tungsten wafers are widely used in various fields of industry, agriculture, science and technology and defense field.


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