Tungsten Needle


Bless can produce all kinds of tungsten, rhenium tungsten probe and Paliney 7 according to drawings or products. In the aspect of intensive processing of tip treating, bending forming, slotting, open pore and thread with advanced technology and experiences.


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- Types of  Tungsten Needle


. Pointed Tungsten Needle


Tungsten Probe 

Our BLESS can customize all kinds of tungsten, tungsten-rhenium probe according to customer requirements, and it is used in semiconductor testing, probe cards, probe stations and LED chip testing.


. Tungsten Discharge Needle

For coronavirus disinfection unit machine,  Air conditioners, fresh air systems, air purifiers, negative ion generators, and ion guns.

Materials: 99.95% purity tungsten, Thoriated tungsten (WTh), Lanthanum tungsten (WLa)


- Coated Metal of Tungsten Needle 
tungsten needle    tungsten needle


We provide Tin/Sn, Nickle, Gold plated tungsten needle with vacuum package in plastic box.


tungsten needle


(Tin Nickel plated tungsten needle)


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We specialized in production of probe and many other tungsten products with decades of research and production experience. Our company is well-equipped, which can be customized to customer’ requirements. 


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- Materials of Tungsten Needle
tungsten probe parameters
Japan and domestic materials is available, tungsten probe can be customized by the raw materials as follows:
Pure tungsten with purity over 99.95%-99.98%
Al,Si,K Doped Tungsten(99.95%)
Rhenium-Tungsten alloy
Paliney 7



tungsten needle                   tungsten needle


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What can we do for you?

We have many years of production experience in sharpening, grooving, plating, drilling, threading and bending with precision 0.006 mm to provide customers precise machined tungsten needles.
With the diameter of the tip < 0.05um (50 nanometer) and needle‘s taper finish < Ra 0.25 (almost mirrored) ,it has high strength and elastic modulus performance without surface scratches.


- Insulating Probe
tungsten needle


- Performance Parameters

tungsten needle parameters


- Application of  Tungsten Needle
tungsten needle
The tungsten discharge needle by BLESS is widely used in the automotive industry, machinery and electrical appliancemanufacturing, , new energy, optical fiber industry, environmental protection industry, semiconductor electronics, medical equipment, etc. Customized and standard tungsten discharge needles can be produced.



- Precise Processing of Tungsten Needle


tungsten needle    tungsten needle


Tungsten probe tip can be reached to as thin as min 0.08mm, with Ra < 0.25. Besides, the surface of part or whole can be coated by Nickel, Stannum(Sn) and Gold as per customers’ demands. In brief, we work on all precise tungsten probe projects in the industry, welcome your inquiry!

Our domestic and foreign customers are widely engaged in the automotive industry, machinery manufacturing, electrical appliance manufacturing, new energy, optical fiber industry, environmental protection industry, semiconductor electronics and other fields. Welcome to your designed drawing!



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. Tungsten & Molybdenum Powder


Tungsten and Molybdenum Powder production are what our Bless orginal field over 20 years.

Our factory's location is also located in Luoyang. So from aspects of QC and price, you could benefits lot from us.


. Raw Materials - APT Powder


tungsten electrode


Bless: Uniform particle size


tungsten electrode


*** Company: The size of particle varies



Parameters Comparison

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