Tungsten needle


What is Tungsten needle?

Tungsten electrode needle is made of by tungsten material with high melting point, corrosion resistance, high density, good thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity. High quality argon arc and plasma welding important point is accurately grinding the diameter and angle of pole. Pole can be sharpened one end or two ends.



PCB drills, micro drills, end mills and reamers; mold punches, core pins & hole drilling tools, scribing marks on metal surfaces, cutting particles from collodion and for single particle manipulation. Because the tip is rather fragile, it bends or breaks frequently. Many of these needles should be kept on hand since a few may be necessary to complete manipulation of a single particle. Not only are tungsten needles used for particle manipulation, but they can also be used when working with embryos and for glass blowing.


1.High durability,precision,wear resistance,toughness and combination abilities.
2.Good straightness,the roundness and surface roughness of finish ground rods are satisfactory


Regular Specs

1.Diameter of pole are 3.2mm,4.0mm,5.0mm ,6.0mm,8.0mm,10mm,12mm ect  

2.Length of pole:10~330mm,the common grinding tolerance is -0.03~+0.03mm

3.Type:WP WT WL WC


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