TZM Rod Titanium-Zirconium-Molybdenum (TZM) 

TZM is a micro-alloyed Molybdenum with Titanium-Zirconium-Carbides. By means of solid-solution and carbide-strengthening TZM features improved high temperature strength up to 1400°C and a higher recrystallization temperature, compared to pure Molybdenum.


titanium, zirconium, molybdenum TZM Polished Rod




--Sintered TZM rod:    
Sintered TZM rod without subsequent processing, the surface is gray-black showing no metallic luster.
--Forged TZM rod:      
TZM bar after forged process the surface will produce oxide layer. The surface is black without metal-coloured.
--Grinded TZM rod:    
TZM bars depending on the surface state and the quality requirements can be grinded one or more times. After grinded TZM rod surface shows silver or gray metallic luster.
--Polished TZM rod:    
Polished TZM bar refers polish processing on rods’ surface, so that the surface roughness will be reduced and to obtain bright, smooth TZM rods.
--Cleaned TZM Rod:    
Cleaned TZM rod is produced by caustic processing. The surface of cleaned TZM rod shows metallic and smoother.



TZM materials as the high-voltage rectifier element, semiconductor thin film integrated circuits, cathode tube, gate, CT scan X-ray tube target used in electrical and electronic industry. Hot runner systems,  Color television and be used in agitator,  Military industries,  as ferrous or non-ferrous metal die-casting mold materials and piercing plug of seamless stainless steel, Nuclear energy equipment.


Chemical Composition:

Mo Content

Ti Content

Zr Content




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