Resistance Welding Electrode

-- By NDB technology


Resistance Welding Electrode (also known as Composite electrode), combined with copper and tungsten materials. It has stable conductivity and thermal conductivity. Also it reduces the electrode head load, prolongs the service life and improves the welding efficiency.


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resistance welding electrode


To meet the customers pursuit of quality and price, Bless adopts seamless connection technology (NDB) to ensure copper is integrated with tungsten and moly completely, which has completely seamless connection.


-- NDB integrated connection physical cut inside display:
resistance welding electrode

. A -- Bonding Area

We guarantee the complete seamless connection of tungsten and copper under vacuum environment. The bonding strength between the two materials is more than 130MPa, the bonding area ratio is close to 100%, which there is no hole in the cross section, and the service life is 5-10 times longer than the general bonding method


. B -- Stick

The stick is made of chrome copper or chrome zirconium copper, which has the work performance of high conductivity, high heat dissipation and fast cooling speed.


. C -- Electrode End

High quality pure W, Mo and their alloys are used as electrode ends. After deep densification treatment, the electrode has high density and uniform intemal structure.


-- Composition of Electrode
Luoyang Bless Tungsten & Molybdenum Material Co., Ltd.
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Welding End
1. Copper-tungsten electrode, 
2. Copper-molybdenum electrode, 
3. Copper-tungsten alloy electrode, 
4. Copper-molybdenum alloy electrode, 
5. Copper-tungsten & Copper electrode, 
6. Pure tungsten or Pure molybdenum and its alloy
Welding Rod Part
Copper alloy


-- Advantages of Bless' electrode
. No pores, holes, and gaps, and the connection strength is> 120Mpa
(Copper and copper alloys are integrated with tungsten and molybdenum refractory metals. NDB integrated connection technology )
. High density and uniform internal organization structure
(Each electrode end has been densified)
 Smoothness below Ra0.8, Stable welding joints
. High melting point up to 3410 ° C, and is resistant to collision resistance, abrasion and non-adhesion to the workpiece
 Further optimize high temperature stability and creep resistance to meet customer requirements.
(Tungsten and molybdenum electrodes are added with rare earth elements)
It has the advantages of high conductivity, high heat dissipation, high temperature stability. Unlike ordinary electrodes, our mosaic electrodes are integrated with NDB in a vacuum environment, which has stable conductivity and heat dissipation.

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-- Application of Electrode
Resistance welding electrode Bless supplied is widely used in machinery manufacturing and welding technology in batches, also in the field of automotive wire harnesses, motors, switch contacts, ignition coils, electromagnetic coils, sensor lead connections, and spot welding such as copper wire, copper sheets and copper braided wire contacts. 
-- Precision Machining Services
Our company can process inlaid electrodes with different specifications and different accuracy according to customer's drawings or samples. We have more than 10 years of experience in precision machining of refractory metals, and can provide customers with precision processed spot welding electrodes for precision electronics.
The spot welding electrode processed by Bless is used in the fields of machinery manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, aerospace, electrical appliance manufacturing, semiconductor electronics, etc. Both customized and standard electrodes can be produced and processed. 


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Raw Materials - APT Powder


tungsten electrode


Bless: Uniform particle size


tungsten electrode


*** Company: The size of particle varies



Parameters Comparison

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