Molybdenum Seed Holder

What is molybdenum seed holder?

The producing of molybdenum seed holder with a wire is based on the Czochralski method. The temperature around both the end of joint part of the wire as well as the seed crystal holder can exceed 2000℃. The material of the wire to molybdenum seed holder is selected from tungsten, stainless steel and molybdenum, etc.

Another criterion for producing molybdenum seed holder is in accordance with the present invention. The temperature around the end of joint part should not exceed the temperature of degradation material at the early stage of pulling.


Molybdenum seed holder is widely applied as seedholder in vacuum furnace, sapphire crystal growing furnace etc.



1. High melting point, high temperature

2. Low impurity

3. Perfect mechanical property


Regular Specs

1. Appearance: Silver white metal luster

2. Density: 10.2g /cm3
3. Content: Mo≥ 99.95%
4. Surface: Polished

5. Shape: as per the drawings


molybdenum seed holdermolybdenum seed holder


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