Tungsten precision parts for Medical Device
Precision-manufactured tungsten parts and high-density tungsten alloys can be used in a variety of applications, from multi-leaf collimators and medical isotope production, transportation and sealing to radiation shielding materials, syringe shields, lead shield replacement parts, and tumor treatment systems and instruments.
Luoyang Bless Tungsten & Molybdenum Material Co., Ltd.
What is the materials Bless manufactuer in Medical Field?
. Pure Tungsten (99.95% & 99.98%)
. Tungsten Copper Alloy
. Rhenium Tungsten Alloy
. K doped Tungsten
What is the products we supply to the medical industry?
Gamma radiography
Radiation shielding materials
Radioactive source containers
Syringe shields
Lead shielding replacement
Radiotherapy machines
Radioactive source containers,
Tumor treatment systemsand instruments
CT scanners
CT and X-Ray security machines
IMRT – Intensity modulated radiation therapy
Oncology treatment systems
Bless's high-quality tungsten copper, rhenium tungsten, K doped tungsten materials are widely used in the precise X-ray technology (such as assembly of X-ray tubes)
Also, we export to Germany, Janpan in gamma radiography, syringe shields, radioactive source containers, tumor treatment systems and instruments.
Tungsten is widely used in the medical field because tungsten alloys provide unparalleled strength, control and protection.
With Bless own processing advantages, Bless can control the highest precision at 0.001 mm. Our 15 years of experience in the refractory metal industry provides our customers with intensively processed medical tungsten and molybdenum components.
The medical tungsten and molybdenum precision parts that Bless can provide are:

. Electrode

(wire, rod, bar: composed of pure tungsten, K-doped tungsten or tantalum-tungsten)

Discharge electrode

(consisting of pure tungsten, K-doped tungsten or tantalum-tungsten)

X-ray tube fixed anode target

(tungsten copper fixed anode, composed of pure tungsten, K-doped tungsten, tantalum tungsten and copper)

X-ray tube rotating copper sleeve assembly

(molybdenum-copper alloy parts with pure iron or steel as the core)

Pure tungsten, pure molybdenum and its alloys have excellent electrical conductivity, high melting point and high temperature stability, high strength, high hardness, high density, good radiation shielding performance, and are widely used in medical systems.
Bless has advanced processing equipment to process various precision tungsten and molybdenum parts for medical use according to customer's drawings or samples.
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