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Vacuum furnace hot zones are manufactured using materials that can withstand temperatures in the range of 1315ºC (2400ºF) and higher. Of the various types of refractory metals in use, none is more common than molybdenum.
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Custom parts and components including hot zones, heating elements, annealing trays and boats, racks and carriers, crucibles, and other hardware can be made to your specification.

— Molybdenum and tungsten mill products

— Heating element materials                                               

— Hot zone replacement part

       a. threaded rods

                   b. nuts and washers
                   c. wire
                   d. rod
                   e. sheet
— Furnace parts
— Heat shields & Heat Strip & Heater
— Vacuum furnace materials
Luoyang Bless Tungsten & Molybdenum Material Co., Ltd.
We have a large inventory of replacement molybdenum parts in stock. All our stock material is available for immediate shipment, so you’ll get what you need as quickly as possible. And, we can cut, slit, or center-less grind Molybdenum to your exact requirements.
Luoyang Bless Tungsten & Molybdenum Material Co., Ltd.
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The popularity and widespread use of molybdenum in vacuum furnaces is due to the wide range of properties that it exhibits, namely:

—High melting point, 2620ºC (4748ºF)                                    —— High thermal conductivity
Low vapor pressure                                                                         —— High elastic modulus
High strength at elevated temperature                                   —— High corrosion resistance
Low thermal expansion                                                                  —— Elevated recrystallization temperature, between 800º – 1200ºC (1470º – 2190ºF)




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