Tungsen Stranded Wire (Coil Heater)


The tungsten heating element (tungsten coil heater) is a metal product of various shapes, which composed of single or multiple doped tungsten filaments with different specifications. Through special heat treatment process, it has strong corrosion resistance and high temperature a melting point of 3410° Cperformance, good stability and long service life. It is widely used in vacuum coating of thin film technology, metal evaporation, mirror making industry, picture tube industry and other fields.




tungsten stranded wire


Luoyang Bless Tungsten & Molybdenum Material Co., Ltd.






1. Vacuum metalized applicant

2. Aluminum spraying, ceramic coating, metal, plastic

3. For aluminizing of chromo-scope & kinescope

4. For mirror making

5. For Automobile Head Lamp Reflector

6. Compact Disc Aluminizing

7) For dispenser type cathodes. In response to the increasing demand for heaters to be used in conjunction with dispenser cathodes. The majority of heaters are fabricated to customer prints.

8)For oscillight and conjunction of microprocessor chip.



Tungsten heaters can be stranded into single or multi wires according to the samples or drawings of customers. Pure wire and doped wire are both available. Diameter of tungsten wire: 0.2-1.2mm.



Why Choose US ?





Luoyang Bless Tungsten & Molybdenum Material Co., Ltd.


      1. Customers

         We provide Thin Tungsten Wire          to Philips and Osram for light             source  over many years, and              alaways get good feedback from them.




2. Test

After production, every pieces of tungsten products would under Eddy Current Test Equipment, which ensure both surface and interior are perfect.  




Luoyang Bless Tungsten & Molybdenum Material Co., Ltd.
Luoyang Bless Tungsten & Molybdenum Material Co., Ltd.




      3. Raw Materials

        We produce the raw materials            by ourselves and also supply to other electrode producer.




Regular Specs


Product Name  Tungsen heating coil
Diameter customer request
Materials Tungsten (purity above 99.95%)
Grade W1, W2, WAL1, WAL2, WAL3
Application Heating element
MOQ 1 kg
Standard Quality standard: GB/T  4181-1997(tungsten wire)ASTM B760-86
Lead time about 10 working days
Shape Stranded Coil


For you can get our Tungsten sheet metal price as soon as possible, please reply us with followed tips, thanks:
1. Specification (Drawing)
2. Quantity
3. Surface  (Black or White)


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