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Are you looking for manufacturer who supplied to Biggest Synthetic Sapphire company?

Do you want to use Strong while Affordable tungsten bar ?


Are you finding the European Supplier's price is so high?

How about we help you to slove all the problems under a relaxed communication way?




We know you are looking for Pure Tungsten Rods like this:



                 Luoyang Bless Tungsten & Molybdenum Material Co., Ltd.                   Luoyang Bless Tungsten & Molybdenum Material Co., Ltd.

Black Surface                                                                                     Polished Surface





Tungsten Welding Rod like this:



Luoyang Bless Tungsten & Molybdenum Material Co., Ltd.Luoyang Bless Tungsten & Molybdenum Material Co., Ltd.



Turn to Tungsten Electrode 




or maybe Application as follows:


1. Suitable for producing ion implantation parts

2. For producing electric light source parts and electric vacuum components

3. For producing heating elements and refractory parts in high temperature furnaces

4. Used as electrodes in the field of rare earth metal industry





Our company could be your good choice for pure tungsten rods.


For you can get our Tungsten rod price as soon as possible, please reply us with followed question, thanks:
1. Specifiactions(Diameter x Length)
2. Quantity (Pieces or Kilograms)
3. Surface  (Alkaline or Polished)

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. Our Service .




1. Tungsten Rods Surface Treatment:



  • Black tungsten rods - Surface is "as swaged" or "as drawn"; retaining a coating of processing lubricants and oxides;
  • Cleaned tungsten alloy rods- Surface is chemically cleaned to remove all lubricants and oxides;
  • Ground tungsten rods- Surface is centerless ground to remove all coating and to achieve precise diameter control.

2.Properties of Tungsten rod


Bless could meet your request of high quality.

Purity above: 99.95%

Density: 10.25g/cm3                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

3. Production Coverate



Tungsten & Molybdenum wire,  Electrode,  Sheet, target, etc. We handle every stage in the manufacture of our products. From the raw materials through to the finished product.  We'll ensures that you benefit from high-quality at all times. 

4. After-sales Service



Trust is mostimportantto do business. If there is quality problems happened due to us or damage, loss in shipment which we are in charge, we promise to make replacement or refund to you.



Why ?




1. One of the biggest company in Russia, Top 3 in Synthetic Sapphire field,

designated us as their long term supplier for Molybdenum Sheet, Tungsten Rod in China.






monocrystal supplier





Certificate such as SGS, CE, ISO, ROHS,

can also be a proof of our quality.




2. Tungsten & Molybdenum Powder



Tungsten and Molybdenum Powder production are what our Bless orginal field over 20 years.

Our factory's location is also located in Luoyang. So from aspects of QC and tungsten rods price, you could benefits lot from us.

Contact us to get the Tungsten test certificate:


Luoyang Bless Tungsten & Molybdenum Material Co., Ltd.



3. China National Tungsten Materials Research Center



We have strong economic strength, product innovation and , which possessing China National Tungsten Materials Research Center in our company.



Luoyang Bless Tungsten & Molybdenum Material Co., Ltd.       test equipment for Tungsten rod

    R & D capability                                                           Eddy Current Detector



To guarantee tungsten rod good machinability with fine-grained materials.

We subject each rod to ultrasound or eddy current testing, which make sure every batch of tungsten rod interior is perfect.




4. Quality Control

After production, every pieces of tungsten electrode would under Eddy Current Test Equipment, which ensure both surface and interior are perfect.










Customized Specifications


Welcome to your inquiry:

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